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CAS 7789-41-5 Inorganic Bromide Calcium Bromide CaBr2 For Drilling Fluid

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CAS 7789-41-5 Inorganic Bromide Calcium Bromide CaBr2 For Drilling Fluid

China CAS 7789-41-5 Inorganic Bromide Calcium Bromide CaBr2 For Drilling Fluid supplier
CAS 7789-41-5 Inorganic Bromide Calcium Bromide CaBr2 For Drilling Fluid supplier CAS 7789-41-5 Inorganic Bromide Calcium Bromide CaBr2 For Drilling Fluid supplier

Large Image :  CAS 7789-41-5 Inorganic Bromide Calcium Bromide CaBr2 For Drilling Fluid

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Weifang,China
Brand Name: RuzE
Model Number: TC-9040

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Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kg
Delivery Time: 5-10work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Calcium Bromide Synonyms: Calciumbromidehydratewhitepowder
CAS: 7789-41-5 MF: Br2Ca
MW: 199.89 EINECS: 232-164-6

Calcium Bromide/CaBr2


[Product name]:Calcium bromide

[Molecular formula]: CaBr2

[CAS No].: 7789-41-5

China Supplier Calcium Bromide/CaBr2 for Fire Extinguishing Agent

Calcium bromide is the calcium salt of hydrobromic acid with the chemical formula of CaBr2. Calcium bromide is a white powder that reacts with water to form the hexahydrate. CaBr2 is mainly used in drilling fluid.


Calcium Bromide properties:

It can dissolve in water and ethand or acetone, hardly dissolves in aether or chloroform. It will turn yellow if placed in the air for a long time.

It is very quick hygroscopic ,its aqueous solution is neutral.

Product containers from damage and keep them well closed .Store in a cool, well-ventilated, dry and shaded storehouse ,Avoid inhalation ,ingestion and contact with eyes and skin.


Calcium Bromide Specification:

Calcium bromide

Molecular formula: CaBr2
CAS No.: 7789-41-5

Items Technical Index
Appearance White pellet or massive crystallization Colorless or micro yellow transparent liquid
Main content 96.0% min 52.0% min
Chloride 1.0% max 0.5% max
Sulphate 0.02% max 0.01% max
PH Value(5% Solution) 6.5~9.5 6~8
Bromate No reaction No reaction
Heavy metal(Calculated with Pb) 5ppm max 5ppm max
Water insoluable 1.0% max 0.3% max
Density(20οC) 1.7g/cm3 min
Packing 25kgs PE/pp bags or 1000 kg ton bag packing Blue colord PE drum 340 kg/drum or 1000 liter IBC drum




Calcium Bromide Applications:

Use Mainly used as completion fluid, mounting fluid and maintaining fluid in oil drilling.

Calcium bromide Chemical Properties


Melting point 730°C
Boiling point 806-812°C
density 3.353 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Fp 806-812°C
form beads
color White to off-white
Specific Gravity 3.353
Water Solubility Soluble in water, methanol, ethanol and acetone. Insoluble in dioxane, chloroform and ether.
Sensitive Hygroscopic
Merck 14,1654
Stability: hygroscopic
CAS DataBase Reference 7789-41-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference Calcium dibromide(7789-41-5)
EPA Substance Registry System Calcium bromide (CaBr2)(7789-41-5)

Safety Information

Hazard Codes Xi
Risk Statements 38-41
Safety Statements 22-24/25-39-26
WGK Germany 2
RTECS EV9328000

Calcium bromide Usage And Synthesis


Uses Calcium bromide (CaBr2) is used as a developer for photographic film and paper and as a dehydrating agent (drying agent), food preservative, and fire retardant.
Description Calcium bromide has the chemical formula CaBr2. It was first prepared by Pfeiffer, Klossmann and Angern in 1924. It is a deliquescent salt that has the form of colorless hexagonal crystals that are soluble in water and absolute alcohol. Its molecular weight is 199.90 g/ mol for the anhydride. When strongly heated in air, calcium bromide will produce CaO (lime) and Br2. It is generally obtained as the dihydrate, CaBr2·2H2O, in the form of a white crystalline powder. A hexahydrate, CaBr2·6H2O, is also known. Anhydrous calcium bromide is obtained by dehydration (250°C, vacuum) of the dihydrate CaBr2·2H2O. On contact with hot surfaces or flames, CaBr2 decomposes forming bromine as a toxic and corrosive fume. It also reacts with strong acids to produce corrosive fumes of bromine.
In its solid anhydrous state, it is a white powder. CaBr2 can be found in drilling muds, neuroses medication, freezing mixtures, food preservatives, photography and fire retardants. The anhydride has a melting point of 730°C and a boiling point of 810°C where it decomposes. Its density is 3.41 g/cm3. It is moderately soluble in water at 142 g/100 ml of water.
Chemical Properties Calciumbromide, CaBr2, is a colorless crystalline solid with a melting point of 765°C. It is deliquescent and is soluble in water and absolute alcohol. Calcium bromide is used in medicine. Calcium bromide(hydrated), CaBr2·3H20, has a meiting point of 80.5℃.
Uses In photography for making dry plates and light-sensitive papers; manufacture of mineral waters, NH4Br, fire-extinguishing compositions.
Uses Made by the action of hydrobromic acid on calcium oxide and crystallization. The white granular crystals are soluble in water. Calcium bromide was used in making collodion emulsions, particularly for dye-sensitized plates.
Uses Calcium bromide has a number of useful applications. Used in the oil and gas fields, the compound is a true working example. At almost every stage of the oil and gas extraction process, calcium bromide has found extensive usage. Stability, dependability and ease of use distinguish calcium bromide in the drilling process. There, it is used in “drilling muds” worldwide.
Preparation CaBr2·2H2O has a melting point of 38°C where it dissolves in its own waters of hydration. Its density is 2.290 g/cm3. It can be prepared by reaction in solution with HBr on the carbonate:
CaCO3 (solid)+HBr (liq)→CaBr2 (liq)+ CO2 (gas)
An improve

Calcium bromide Preparation Products And Raw materials

Raw materials Bromine-->Hydrogen bromide-->Calcium carbonate-->Calcium hydroxide -->Calcium oxide-->Iron hydroxide-->IRON (II) BROMIDE

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